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Lucas Julián Carballeira is a performing and working musician that has been active in music since he was just 5 years old. He studies and teaches guitar, composition, voice, piano, drums, and music theory. Lucas has performed across Arizona as both a solo musician and as part of numerous musical groups. His curiosity for music has led him to explore many styles of music including classical, rock, metal, punk, blues, and jazz. He is a traveling musician that has studied at music conservatories and universities across North America and Europe, taking lessons from the leading professionals in his field. He received his Bachelor of Arts (2017) and Master of Music (2020) degrees from the University of Arizona in Tucson. 

Lucas frequently performs at all manner of private  events, including weddings, meetings, dinners, and memorials. He offers music lessons and events services as a classical guitarist and wedding guitarist to the Tucson area.

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Services offered

Performance (solo):​

  • Performances of classical guitar music

  • Performances of rock music with vocals

  • Requests are accepted if made in advance of the event

Private instruction on subjects including:

  • Guitar technique and musicality - classical, flamenco, rock, metal, blues, jazz, punk

  • Piano and drumming technique

  • Instrument care and maintenance

  • Composition and Music Theory

  • Singing and Aural Skills



Performances and lessons are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. 

To reserve a date for a performance, a 50% deposit must be made in advance


Package discounts are available to students who elect to pay their tuition in advance.


Tuition fees are to be paid by cash or check. Credit/Debit cards are not currently accepted.

Fees for lessons or other services are non-refundable.

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